Welcome to the Academy of Animated of Art

"Get Me A Job" Intensive

We'll do everything for you so you can focus on what you do best - Creating!


Video Timestamps:

00:00: Welcome

00:25: Why we created the intensive

01:20: Why this is important for you

01:35: The How - What is inside the intensive

01:45: The Resume

02:28: The Demo Reel

03:24: The Portfolio Page

05:24: The LinkedIn Consultation

05:49: Sit back!

06:05: Sum up

07:41: How to enroll

08:08: FAQ

We can't wait to get you that job!

First step:

Officially Enroll to get started

Let's talk details ...

The intensive includes:

Step 1: DONE-FOR-YOU: Resume/CV

Work with a professional copywriter to craft your resume and cover letter, and even clarify your Linkedin page!


Professional Reel editing

Yes! A professional editor will edit your reel! Work one-on-one with an editor to craft your reel (shot list will also be provided.

Step 3: LinkedIn Consultation

The majority of hiring studios will look at your linkedin profile! Let's make sure it shines!

Step 4: Put it all together!

DONE-FOR-YOU: Recruiter-friendly portfolio site page! Envision all your work together in a way that is designed to be recruiter friendly.

(i.e.: did you know recruiters dislike art station?? and can get frustrated navigating individual websites <--- We have streamlined this so that a recruiter will go onto your page and be so happy to know everything they want is right there and easy to find)

+ Vimeo plus hosting for your demo reel

(so you don't have to pay for a premium account, just for one video <-- that is so frustrating!)