Lighting For Animation Course Bundle +

How To Get Your Dream Job as a Lighting Artist in Less Than A Year (Even If You Have Zero Lighting Experience!)



I can be a Lighter on Animated Films in less than a year!?!?

Yep. You read that correctly. You can get out of the job you currently have and into a career lighting on animated films in less than a year. Why would you want to do that?

Think about the work you’re doing now. It’s probably boring, the projects suck, and you aren’t making enough money. You want to do something cool and fun and you want to make a good income doing it.

But switching careers and seizing that dream job is not as easy as flipping a switch and POOF you’ve got a new career. There are hurdles that can feel super intimidating.

  • There are so many talented artists out there. Can I really compete with them?
  • There’s so many different software packages out there. There’s Maya and Nuke and 3DStudioMax and Houdini and Arnold and Renderman and Speedtree and AHHHHH!!! Do I really need to learn all of this to get my first job?
  • I don’t know anyone working in the industry. Can I really find my way in without any connections?

These hurdles make the transition feel overwhelming. But what are your options?

  • You could go back to school, but do you really want to relocate to a new city and spend years of your life and hundreds of thousands getting another degree?
  • You could just watch a bunch of YouTube videos but those can be so boring and random. How do I even know they are teaching me the right stuff?
  • And all those online videos are just one way streets. What if you have a question? What if you need feedback on what you’ve created?

You don’t have time to stumble through a bunch of random online videos. You want to learn the right stuff NOW and upgrade your life as fast as you can.

We get it and we can help.

We know if only you could have that dream Lighting Job. You’d be able to…

Work On Something Cool
Imagine this...You actually like the projects you are working on! You can work on the next generation of classic animated films.

Think about Fantasia and Bambi and The Lion King and Toy Story and Up and Wall-e and Frozen and imagine being a part of a film that will be seen by your child, your grandchildren, and countless children around the world. Your art can inspire people for generations to come!

Recognize this image below? One of our students did that!

Lighting By Academy of Animated Art Student Ryan Hansford

Earn More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible!
Did you know that the average Lighting Artist makes over $100,000 a year? What could earning that salary do for your life? Could you stop worrying about how you are going to pay your rent every month? Could you finally get that apartment you’ve always wanted? Or maybe that car?

More importantly, you can finally earn a stable living that can allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted. Not only vacations but a stable income you can use to support yourself and your loved ones.

Be Proud Of Your Job
Do you hate when people ask “What do you do for a living?” Do you feel indifferent or embarrassed of the answer? Imagine never feeling that way ever again. Imagine being at a party or family gathering when someone asks you that question and you get to proudly proclaim “I work as a Lighting Artist on Animated Films.”

Actually Have Fun At Work!
Do you want to know what I did at work today? I lit a shot. I had the option of either playing some kickball, basketball, or doing yoga at lunch. Then I went to a screening of an animated short with the Director Q-and-A...all at my office.

Why do I get all this? Because animation companies are cool places to work and there are tons of perks.

Don’t you want to be a part of this? You could be right here with Jasmine and Mike the next time the stress reducing baby kangaroos visit our office.


How do we know what you need to do to make the transition into this industry?


Hi, We’re Jasmine & Mike.

Both of us were in completely different industries before deciding that we wanted a better, more fun career lighting on animated films. And trust us...we’ve made all the mistakes and we know what you’re going through. The good news for you is that we’ve overcome all the obstacles and now we know all the secrets...

After over a decade of lighting animated films for Blue Sky Studios, we developed our system of training lighting artists. We knew this system would be effective, but the results have blown us away.

In the past couple of years, we have trained over 200 artists from around the world and they have completely transformed their lives by getting jobs at Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures, Blue Sky Studios, Reel FX, Giant Animation, and many more!

Why do I say that getting these jobs have transformed their lives? Because look what it did for us!

  • We earned enough money to have families and live happily in our favorite city, New York!
  • We’ve been able to have a stable job that has given us the freedom (and vacation days) to travel the world!
  • We’ve attended movie premiers in New York and Los Angeles and had the opportunity to meet celebrities. We even had a chance to stand next to Beyoncé! (And yes...she actually glows).
  • But most importantly, we are proud of the work we do.
  • Proud of having our names in the credits.
  • Proud of creating films that bring joy to kids all over the world.
  • Proud that my artistic contributions will be enjoyed long after we are gone.

And by the way…

Mike is not a natural artist!
For all those people who think you need to be a naturally gifted artist, let me tell you...Mike is not a natural artist. In fact, Mike’s lowest grade in school was almost always art! But don’t worry, because this system is designed to train you to be a natural artist regardless of your skill level now. If it can work for Mike, it can work for you!

Jasmine didn’t have connections in the industry!
For those that think you need some insider access in order to get a job in this industry, think again! Jasmine didn’t go to school for this. She didn’t know anyone in the industry. Lucky for her, this industry only cares about one thing…CAN YOU DO THE WORK! So she knows how to create a demo reel that can WOW recruiters. Even when they don’t know who you are yet.

We were outsiders that found a path into this industry and we’ve seen firsthand how working this job completely changed our lives. And we knew that if we could put together a system based on our decades of our joint experiences, we could help transition the lives of countless others. We can give insider advice to you when you need it the most. Therefore, I am extremely proud to announce...


The Lighting For Animation Bundle!!

This proven system has been used to help train over 200 students get their dream job as a Lighting Artist and change their lives forever. The Lighting For Animation Bundle System is specifically designed to work for anyone regardless of their background.

For your as little as $199, you can begin today and start training in our comprehensive system designed to take you from where you are today to a job lighting animated films in less than a year. Need to keep earning an income while you train?

No problem! Our system is designed to only take around 5-10 hours per week of training to get results. That’s around an hour per day! We have helped plenty of artists get their dream job without ever missing a paycheck.

An hour per day to have a career that you love.
An hour to earn a six-figure salary in a creative field.
An hour to have your name in the credits of the next animated film!

You may be wondering about the specifics...
What’s in the Lighting for Animation Bundle? I’m so happy you asked!

Lighting By Academy of Animated Art Student Nicolas Balliett

You might be wondering ...

Is the software included in the course enrollment?

Maya: Yes! Free Student License Eligible as an Enrolled AAA student.

Arnold: Yes! Free with Maya! (not included if using software other than Maya)

RedShift: Free download version with watermark available to learn. Full license not included.

Octane: Free download version with watermark available to learn. Full license not included.

Unreal Engine: Yes! Free for all!!

Katana: Free 90-day trial keys of Katana for enrolled students. Discounted educational license available with course.

Discover The Secret To Getting Hired As A Lighting Artist

Even if you are the most talented, gifted artist in the world, that is not enough to land a job at one of the top animation companies. Lighting is a skill that must be learned and practiced like anything else. How does our program gives you the skills to succeed?

Phase 1. The Courses

This bundle gives you everything you need to get your dream lighting job. Meet a few of our students who used this bundle to do just that...

We’ve built seven step-by-step lighting courses that will guide you from Lighting Newbie to a Master Artist! These courses will also show you the techniques that professional artists use every day to start making incredible images beginning today!

Course #1: The Power Of Light

This is the introduction to Lighting that you have been looking for. Here we break the craft of lighting a shot into simple, digestible components that are easy to understand and look amazing when implemented. We introduce you to all the tools a lighter has to work with, including the most powerful one...the reference image.

Learn to read reference images like a pro and make images you never thought possible in a fraction of the time.

What’s included in this course:

  • 2 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • Simple downloadable assets designed to render quickly and get you up to speed fast.
  • Introduction into how industry insiders approach a shot

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • sculpt visual shaping with light
  • utilize color and shadow to create mood
  • design lights to focus the viewer’s eye
  • understand CG lights and their attributes
  • dissect and leverage reference images
  • light and render using Pixar’s Renderman

Examples of Student Work From This Course:


Course #2: Character Lighting For Animated Films

In Character Lighting, you will learn the industry insider tips for bringing a character to life. And has nothing to do with 3-point lighting! 3-point lighting doesn’t create emotion. You have all the tools make your characters look as good as any major film. Learn the techniques to make it happen.

What’s included in this course:

  • 3 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • Tons of downloadable characters to light like a dragon, a bunny, a photoreal human, a cartoon character...even Mr. Bean!
  • Insiders approach to lighting a character
  • Step-by-step Lighting Walkthroughs of how to light a character

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • understand hero color
  • utilize Rembrandt Lighting
  • emphasize the character’s base shape
  • visually separating a character off a background
  • master villain and hero lighting
  • craft the perfect eyes
  • design successful light rigs for pure black or pure white characters

Examples of Student Work From This Course:

Course #3: Environment Lighting For Animated Films

What’s the first thing a hiring manager looks for when evaluating environment light? Scale.

What do I mean by that? Basically, they look for your ability to make a vast landscape feel BIG or a macro shot feel tiny.

The best thing about’s not that tough. You just have to know the visual cues like depth of field, aerial perspective, and shadow placement to communicate the sense of scale to the audience.

You will exit this course with the ability to take even simple geometry and transform it into a vast landscape that inspires awe.

What’s included in this course:

  • 3 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • A huge variety of download environments and assets to light like The US Capitol Building, A Lamborghini, An Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool, A Lego Record Store, and an Entire Victorian Village!

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • Confidently handle interior lighting...
    • Create Shaping on a Flat Wall
    • Understand the Difference Between Tungsten, Fluorescent, and Other Light Types
    • Make a Lamp Look Like a Lamp
    • Light from Televisions and Computer Screens
    • Understand and Utilize Radiosity in Interior Spaces
    • Balance Window Lights
  • And Exterior Lighting...
    • Balance City Lighting
    • Use Street Lamps and Other Manmade Lights
    • Sculpt Lighting Vast Landscapes
    • Unleash God Rays
    • Maximize Gobos
    • Balance Black Points

Examples Images From This Course:

Course #4: Materials & Shaders For The Lighting Artist

One of the key skills that hiring managers look for is the ability to create “tough” elements, like skin, hair, cloth, etc...with ease. Want to know a secret? They’re not that hard...if you have the exact system we’ll train you how to create surface shaders in the same workflow as professional artists. We will demystify this process and allow you to create any shader with ease.

What’s included in this course:

  • 3 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • An Entire Rigged Character ready for you to download
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of a professional artist shading an entire character.

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • break down surface attributes to replicate any object including metal, plastic, water, and skin.
  • craft a style guide
  • unwrap UVs like a pro
  • utilize painted and procedural textures

Examples Images From This Course:

Course #5: Compositing For The Lighting Artist

Did you ever wonder why your work doesn’t look as polished as the professionals? It’s the compositing! Learn all the simple techniques utilized by industry professionals to give your images the final clean, polished look you see in animated films.

What’s included in this course:

  • 2 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • Compositing entire shots from start to finish with multiple walkthroughs

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • unpack the entire history of compositing
  • understand a node-based compositing workflow
  • fully control the process of merging images
  • unleash the power of mattes
  • master color correction
  • script and create procedural compositing workflows
  • use compositing to eliminate render noise

Examples Images From This Course: From This Course:

Course #6: Lighting An Animated Film

Give your demo reel the ultimate secret animated short!

Why is this important?

On a film, it doesn’t matter how good one shot looks. It matters how an entire sequence of shots looks. How they flow together, how they play off one another, and how they read as a whole. That’s how films are evaluated and that’s how hiring managers evaluate you.

So we will show you the entire process of lighting an animated short. From creating master lighting to exporting that rig to other shots to compositing shots together to give them a clean polished finish, we will show you the tried and proven industry techniques to make this process simple.

At the end of this course, you will have an entire animated short that looks great and will make a hiring manager drool over your reel.

What’s included in this course:

  • 4 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • An Entire Animated Short for you to download and light.
  • 7 animated shots including an exterior and interior set.

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • construct color keys
  • craft master lighting
  • populate multiple shots with a single master light rig
  • balance interior and exterior lighting in the same sequence
  • hit notes quickly
  • light an entire animated short

Examples Images From This Course:

Course #7: Succeeding As A Lighter

The final course is like no other class you’ve ever taken. We will give you the insider information about this industry you’ve always wanted to know in order to thrive. How do you prepare for an interview? How do you negotiate for a top salary? How do you build a website that hiring managers will like? How to navigate through your first job to build a strong reputation that will stay with you for your entire career.

Don’t fall into the mistakes so many new artists make when starting their career. Take advantage of our 20+ years in the industry to get your first job and be set up for success on your first day of work.

What’s included in this course:

  • 2 hours of focused video lessons broken down into quick, digestible clips.
  • An interview with Blue Sky Studio’s Head Recruiter about what she looks for in an applicant.
  • An interview with A Columbia University Professor who specializes in negotiations teaching you how to get a top salary.

After this course, you’ll be able to...

  • cater your demo reel
  • design your website
  • network and create industry connections
  • apply for your first job
  • master the interview process
  • negotiate the best salary
  • thrive in a studio setting

Other Course Features:

  • All course lectures are pre-recorded and available whenever you are ready.
  • You will have Lifetime Access To All Materials...even course updates.
  • All courses are ready right now! You don’t have to wait for a new semester to start. Begin today.
  • Learn at your own pace. If you are busy now, but want to take advantage of this offer. Enroll now and you can begin whenever you are ready. Are you ready to go now? Sign up and binge watch all the course lectures in one go! Learn at whatever pace works for you.

Phase 2. The Assets

The hardest part of lighting...finding something good to light! And we get’re busy. You don’t have time to design and model assets if you are trying to learn lighting. That’s why we have hired artists and worked with companies like TurboSquid and KitBash3d to create an entire library specifically designed to look great on a demo reel.

We have over 30 characters, environments, and animated scenes for you to light today.

Some of our favorites include…

The Creature Attacks (Animation by Nishant Greene)

The Attic (Model by Alex Mateo, Concept by Jeremy Vickery)

The Axolotl (Modeled by Sara Tarr)

The Boy & The Snail (Modeled By Sara Tarr)

Never worry about getting good assets again.

Step 3. The Support

While our content is best-in-class, this is NOT just another self-study course.

The secret ingredient to making this system thrive is our support. IMAGINE WORKING WITH THE INDUSTRY’S BEST ARTISTS EVERY SINGLE DAY. Have a question or need critique? Our professionals will usually respond within 24 hours allowing you to keep you moving forward.

And we will be there for you every step of the way. We will help you critique every project on your demo reel. We will provide mentorship when you look for your first job. We will be there for you when you to guide you through that first job and put you in the best position to have a successful career!



This bundle gives you everything you need to get your dream lighting job. Meet a few or our students who used this bundle to do just that...


Meet Shane

He used our super team to go from working in a different industry to a full-time Lighting Artist at Dreamworks Animation in less than a year!

When we met him, he was just like you...

  • He was working in a completely different industry.
  • He dreamed of working on animated films.
  • He was uncertain he would have the money and time to dedicate to his dream.
  • He was worried he wasn’t artistically talented enough to compete for jobs at leading studios.

But he put those concerns aside and decided to not only invest in our system, but invest in a better future for himself.

He followed the steps and look what happened...BOOM! In less than a year he was a full time Lighting Artist at Dreamworks Animation.

Maybe you’re thinking “Yeah yeah worked for him. But he’s probably super talented. How do I know that could work for me?”

Let me introduce you to Eduardo and Elena

They were a couple who were both Aeronautical Engineers working in Spain. They had a completely different skill set than Shane but the one thing they had in common was they had ZERO EXPERIENCE & ZERO TRAINING before entering our program. No art technical training. But they trusted us and signed up for our program and…

They BOTH got jobs lighting at Giant Animation Studios.

The Lighting for Animation Bundle worked for them and it can work for you too!


You Get Some Awesome Bonuses Too

Guess what…not only are you going to get access to our entire Lighting For Animation Bundle, but you will also get these bonuses. This bonus offer will give you all the technical ins and outs of the latest renders and give you invaluable assets to improve your demo reel right now!

Bonus #1 - Access to All Our Technical Workshops...and all future workshops too!
Worth $497+

The technical side of the animation industry is constantly changing. New software, new techniques are constantly being modified and updated. Don’t miss out on all these amazing advances.

Stay informed and updated with our technical workshop series! We will show you the ins and outs of all the technical aspects of lighting so you will never feel confused or out of the loop again.

Bonus #2 - A Shot-By-Shot Guide of How to Create A Demo Reel That Will Get You A Job!
Worth $299

We have seen countless lighting demo reels and we know what makes a successful one. More importantly, we have been inside the room when these reels are reviewed and we know what it takes to build a demo reel that will make a Lighting Supervisor say “YES! We need to hire that artist!!”

Now we have put together a complete step-by-step guide so you know what shots you need on your demo reel to get that WOW! factor. What type of shots should you include? How long should it be? How many breakdowns should I do? Find out today!

All together, that is a value of over $700.

But you get it’s included when you enroll in The Lighting For Animation Bundle!


When You Enroll In The Lighting For Animation Course Bundle Today You Will Get…

Lifetime access to all 7 of our courses. Completely recorded, online, and ready to go right now!
($4,830 value)

Complete access to our entire asset library including an entire animated short.
($6,000 value)

Access to industry professionals that will mentor you through the entire process of learning, lighting, and finding your first job.
($10,000 value)

So that’s a $20,830 value that you can get right now for only $1999.

$199 per month for 12 months or a one-time payment of $1999.

All this value for less than the cost of 2 weeks at a traditional animation schools!

Get started now!

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Lighting

Receive Academy of Animated Art Certificate of Advanced Studies in Lighting by completing the following requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 5 Academy of Animated Art courses
  • Five still images representing a variety of proficiencies in different lighting conditions.
  • A minimum 10 seconds of lighting work done on animated characters.

Certificate submissions will be reviewed by industry professionals.

Courses Included with Purchase

Power of Light
Want to be a Lighter but don't know where to start? This course trains you to utilize lights to make beautiful images that can launch your career!
Michael Tanzillo
Character Lighting For Animated Films
Learn concepts like Rembrandt Lighting, mood lighting, hero colors, and eye lighting to make your demo reel stand out from the rest.
Michael Tanzillo
Environment Lighting For Animated Films
Master the art of lighting both interior and exterior scenes in a variety of scenarios to make your world more beautiful!
Michael Tanzillo
Materials and Shaders for the Lighting Artist
Harness the power of materials and shaders to elevate your lighting to the next level!
P. Jasmine Katatikarn
Compositing for the Lighting Artist
Learn the compositing techniques to give your shots the final polish and refinement that hiring managers are looking for!
Michael Tanzillo
Lighting An Animated Film
Lighting an Animated Film has everything! Animated characters, complete sets, and training from both Jasmine and Mike on how to make it all beautiful!
Jasmine Katatikarn & Michael Tanzillo
Getting & Succeeding at Your Job
We'll help navigate the process of applying for your first job by providing insider information about demo reels, interviewing, salary negotiation and more!
P. Jasmine Katatikarn
Academy of Animated Art Arnold For Maya Workshop
Everything You Need To Know About Arnold For Maya!
Michael Tanzillo
Ready-To-Light Asset Library
Download it. Light it. Put it on your demo reel.
Academy of Animated Art
Academy of Animated Art RedShift Workshop
A complete guide to the groundbreaking new GPU Renderer, Redshift. Course conducted by Dreamworks Lighting Artist Shane Sternstein
Shane Sternstein
Academy of Animated Art Intro to Maya Workshop
Learn the most popular 3D software package in the Animation and Visual Effects industries. Taught by Academy of Animated Art Co-Founder, Mike Tanzillo.
Michael Tanzillo
Academy of Animated Art Katana Workshop
Unleash the power of the Lighting and Look Development tool that is taking the 3D world by storm. Taught Lighting Artist and Katana Software Pioneer Abel Vargas
Abel Vargas
Academy of Animated Art Introduction to the Unreal Engine Workshop
Discover Unreal, the Real-Time Render Engine that gives you immediate results and makes experimenting in 3D rewarding and fun.
Jordan Jenkins
Academy of Animated Art Octane Workshop
OTOY OctaneRender is one of the most dynamic renderers in the world. Let us empower you unleash its capabilities to create stunning images.
Matt Wilson
Black History Month Free Model: Ashli
Show off your skills by downloading and lighting this free character!
Academy of Animated Art
Academy of Animated Art Free Character - Woman In The Window
For Each Download, We Will Donate in Support of BLACK GIRLS CODE
Academy of Animated Art
Academy of Animated Art Nuke Technical Workshop
Learn the power of compositing & how it can create a dramatic overall improvement on your work!
Michael Callahan
Complete Substance 3D Training
with Michael Tanzillo
Academy of Animated Art
Animation School Collaborations
Michael Tanzillo

Original Price: $6,985


If you are on the fence, let me share something that will put your mind to ease.

All purchases come with a 15 Day Lighting Trial Period.

In this time, if you go through a cycle of watching some lectures, lighting an asset, and receiving feedback without feeling like you improving, you can back out.

BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY! We won’t let you just sign up, do nothing, and back out. You need to at least try.

This system is not for you if you think that just watching videos is enough.

You have to prove an honest effort first.


If You Are Tempted But Still Unsure, Know This...

#1. This will be the best investment you will ever make.
Yes. $1999 is a significant investment. That’s because we don’t nickel-and-dime you for all the support and get. We charge a one-time investment that allows us to give you the best support, etc…..

Plus, let’s put this into perspective. did you know that the average salary for a lighting artist is over $100,000!? That means if you are currently making less than $98,000 a year, this training will pay for itself in less than a year! And you will unlock the secret to having a fulfilling job AND earning that level of income year after year after year.

#2. This will work for you even if you’re saying “I don’t think I’m good enough”.
Jasmine had a degree in Economics. Mike was a “C” art student. Elena and Eduardo were Aeronautical Engineers. Other students were insurance agents, web designers, programers...It does not matter. This system has worked for countless artists with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Are you struggling with lighting because you weren’t gifted with some special talent ordained from high above? NO!!!! You’re struggling because no one’s shown you how to create visual shaping. No one’s shown you how light a character so it visually pops off a background. No one’s shown you how to create a subtle glow to an image to make it appear magical.

#3. This will work, even if you can’t afford to quit your current job.
We have streamlined this system with focused training, downloadable assets, and always available lectures so you will only need to work around 5-10 hours a week to get a demo reel to start applying for jobs as a Lighting Artist.

If you push past these doubts can unlock the door to the job you’ve always wanted in less than a year. Because...

The Time is Now

You are at a crossroads in your career. Do you continue on the path your currently on? Do you continue working the job you aren’t fully satisfied with?

Or do you make the leap and go after the career you’ve always dreamed of!!

And now might be the best time ever enter the industry. We still have the same large companies like Dreamworks, Blue Sky, Disney, Sony, Illumination, but now we are about to enter a world where Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and others are going to start creating movies for their streaming services. Job opportunities are going to go through the roof. You may even be able to get your hands on that six-figure salary faster than you thought.

And we know...making this leap takes courage. You need to break away from your comfort zone and go after something new. It can be scary. But I promise...we are here for you. Every step of the way.

Don't let fear stand in your way of chasing your dreams. If Shane listened to his fears, he wouldn’t be at Dreamworks right now.

We have the whole system laid out for you but it’s up to YOU to make that first step.

The results are worth it. The life you are going to have is worth it.

It is just one click away.

Lifetime access to all 7 of our courses. Completely recorded, online, and ready to go right now!
($4,830 value)

Complete access to our entire asset library including an entire animated short.
($6,000 value)

Access to industry professionals that will mentor you through the entire process of learning, lighting, and finding your first job.
($10,000 value)

Bonus #1 - All our current and future Technical Workshops including Arnold for Maya, Redshift, and Octane.
($497 value)

Bonus #2 - Exclusive access to a custom character model specifically designed for lighting.
($500 value)

$21,926 value that you can get right now for as little as $199.
$375 per month for 6 months or a one-time payment of $1999.
All this value for less than the cost of 2 weeks at a traditional animation schools!


And remember...this is a PROVEN system designed to get results.

Just ask Anuar.

He was exactly where you are now.

He dreamed of Working on Feature Films.
He thought he could never compete with artists with feature film experience.
He worried he didn’t live in the right place to get proper training.
He was stressed about finding the time and money to devote to training.

Fast forward to today - Anuar is now a lighter at Sony Pictures!
He is lighting on the most groundbreaking film our industry has seen in year.

Anuar made the commitment and look where it landed him…
Working on an Academy Award winning film pushing the envelope of what we are able to create.

This could be you.

But but but…What about…NO!! Don’t allow yourself to be the barrier to your success.
Focus on your future self.

What if you look back and say today is the day I took the leap to invest in my dream?
What if you start on a path to a career you always wanted?
What if you got a career that you were proud to talk about and gave you a chance to live the life you know you are destined for…

..and what if in less than a year you can post a message like Katarina…

Imagine love waking up on Monday morning because you get to go to your super rewarding job as a Lighting Artist. Imagine being surrounded by the best artist in the world and earning more than you ever thought possible to do the work you love. And imagine getting your name in the credits of the next groundbreaking animated film with a worldwide release!


Don’t let this moment pass you by.

Your future is just one click away!!!

Meet Some Academy of Animated Art Students!

Listen and read first hand how we can change your career path and transform your dreams into a reality!

“I don’t believe I would have been able to get the job I have today without the skills and knowledge I gained from Academy of Animated Art.

I was a little hesitant about signing up because I wanted to make sure I was getting my money’s worth out of an online class. These courses are worth every penny and then some! The investment I have made in my career.”

- Anthony Ragusa, Senior Lighting Technical Director, Blue Sky Studios

"I knew I wanted to be a lighter, but didn't feel I had enough experience or quality showreel material to get the jobs I wanted.

The showreel I used to get my current job contained a large majority of work from the assignments I did at Academy of Animated Art. It has also helped improve how I go about breaking down the lighting in a shot and ensuring that my lighting starts on strong fundamentals."

- Chris Wetherly, Compositing & Finishing at The Foundry

"This course was so beneficial in my career because now I no longer doubt the decisions I make regarding my work.

Also, I didn't have money to afford college so I did not want to spend time just doing some boring tutorials I would just forget. I use what I learned from Academy of Animated Art everyday!"

- Anuar Figueroa, Lighting TD at Sony Imageworks


Get started now!